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Lesley Clementson

Principal Research Scientist (retired) - CSIRO

"In STEMM, you’ll always be in the minority being a female, always working in a male dominated scenario. Recently it is still the same but it is slowly getting better." 

Lesley enjoys spending her time bushwalking and orienteering, she also loves baking so much that she started to bring her cakes into the workplace to test out new recipes on her team. She recently retired from CSIRO where she had a long and successful career. Lesley established the leading bio-optical lab in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the leading labs globally. She was inducted into the Tasmanian Honor Roll for Women for contributions to science in 2017. Lesley has joined the CWA in North Hobart and you can get along and buy her sweet treats when she delivers them on Tuesday, Bundt cakes are a favourite of hers to make. Check out her website for recipes. 

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