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Dr Marie-Jeanne Buscot

Statistical Epidemiologist - Menzies Institute for Medical Research

"Having been able to pursue an academic career a few thousand miles away from home and raise a family. I wanted to get a chance to maybe  inspire some young girls and women into STEMM, to show them that it is feasible to do it all."

Marie-Jeanne Buscot works as a Statistical Epidemiologist at Menzies, UTAS. Whilst completing her PhD she had two children, and in addition to raising a family is excited to have found a career that she loves - working in statistics and applied mathematics, Marie-Jeanne uses mathematical models to identify critical and sensitive time points to improve health outcomes, particularly in relation to cardiovascular diseases. She has also spent over a year using her numerical skills in the field of criminology research, and has recently expanded her knowledge to include modelling of mitigation and testing strategies for COVID-19 in Tasmania.

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