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Prof Menna Jones

Professor - Natural Sciences, University of Tasmania

"For me, working in STEMM is making a positive difference to the way humans live sustainably on the planet, as well as making a positive difference to social justice, fairness, inclusion, diversity and equity."

Menna Jones is a Professor in the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Tasmania. Menna has previously received a Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council to investigate the Tassie Devil Facial Tumor Disease and a Fullbright scholarship to collaborate with overseas experts to advance knowledge about the role of native predators in conservation.

She is passionate about fostering inclusion, equity of opportunity and diversity in science. She has somehow managed to raise two boys while making a meaningful contribution to conservation science. Menna works with a diverse range of people including other scientists, farmers, aboriginal people, and foresters to find holistic solutions to us living sustainably on this planet. 

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