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Dr Niamh Chapman

Postdoctoral Researcher - Menzies Institute for Medical Research

"I am creating a career where it’s all based on my values and it’s unique. I take a lot of pride in being a values based leader, researcher, community member, I will always come back to my values when I am working in STEMM."

Niamh is an Irish woman with a love for storytelling, collaboration and coming up with creative solutions to complex problems. Niamh had a love-hate relationship with school and it wasn’t until a few years after high school she decided to challenge herself by choosing to pursue STEMM with the goal of improving public health. In 2016, Niamh moved to Tasmania to start her PhD and her work since has focused on using technology to improve healthcare delivery to prevent heart disease and strokes. Niamh has never really felt like she fits the mold of a ‘scientist’ but loves that her career in science involves creativity and collaboration on a daily basis. Niamh founded That's What I Call Science to create a platform for accessible science communication that is committed to celebrating women and other underrepresented groups as experts in STEMM.

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