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A celebration of the underrepresented people that make a big impact to Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine in lutruwita/Tasmania.


The gallery features local thinkers from our island state that are often overlooked in STEMM. The  team set the ambitious task of assembling a wide range of people from a variety of STEMM fields and capturing their stories through photography and interview. Through the gallery, you have a window into the joy, passion and triumphs of some truly inspiring people working in STEMM. 


The gallery was created by a women in STEMM team from That’s What I Call Science and the immensely talented photographer Dr. Michelle Kilpatrick. That’s What I Call Science is a national award-winning radio show and podcast recognised for creating high-quality content that is committed to challenging stereotypes and promoting diversity in STEMM. 


The gallery features 48 incredible people with unique quotes about their career so far, from the challenges they have overcome to what they are most proud of. The people featured are from diverse fields of STEMM, 84% work in science, 13% in technology or engineering, 16% in maths and 9% in medicine. The gallery featured a broad range of underrepresented groups, 97% identified as women, 19% as LGBTQI+, 22% as culturally or linguistically diverse, 3% as Indigenous, 16% as neurodiverse and 6% with a disability. 


Through the creative use of audio and visual media the gallery can be viewed by anyone online or adapted to a unique in-person experience at future pop-up events that can be tailored to suit different venues. Get in touch via our contact us page if you would like to discuss a potential exhibition event.


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